Passenger Information Systems

Passenger Information Systems

Passenger Information Systems

Chemito®, the original equipment manufacturer for world-class LED based Passenger Information System for Indian Railways, Metro-Mono Rail Infrastructure, State Road Transport Corporations (RTC’s & STU’s) and Bus OEM’s. The activities of the group date back to 1961 and it has been a long journey since then.

The company has evolved from being a product manufacturer to a comprehensive solution provider of PIS systems using LED based displays. Headquartered in Mumbai with regional offices in major metro cities in India, the company has successfully commissioned thousands of display units of Integrated Passenger Information System across the transportation industry.

With ISO 9001-2008 certification, ‘ARAI’, CIRT, E-mark and RDSO approved manufacturer for IPIS and GPS based clocks, Chemito Technologies is one of the few Indian companies suppliers that optimally utilizes technology to bring out quality products at an aggressive price.

Some of our Esteemed Clients

Solutions for Road Transport and Bus Body Builders

Chemito offers a range of products to the mass transit and infrastructure market, for Passenger Information Systems and Announcements. Our LED destination display boards and controllers meet the most exacting requirements of the industry, in India and globally. Further we are able to design and develop custom solutions as per the needs of the market and our customers.

  • Front / Side / Rear Destination Boards
  • In-bus Destination Display Board with live feed from GPS / GPRS
  • Display and Route Controllers, On-board Computers, GPS Enabled Voice Announcement for Current and Next-Stop, synchronized with In-bus Displays
  • Economical and Customizable Destination Boards with Universal Display (UD) Series.
  • Bus-Stop & Bus Terminal Solutions
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Solutions for Indian Railways and Metro Mono Rail Infrastructure

Solutions for Railways, Metro and Mono Rail

Chemito offers a range of solutions to meet the requirements of Railways (wayside and on board), Metro and Monorail.

  • Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS)
  • PIS under Train Management System (TMS)
  • GPS based Digital Clock - Master / Slave, Platform & Office Clock
  • Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
  • Customized Platform, Concourse Displays with SMD technology
  • Public Announcement and Evacuation Solutions, synchronized with the passenger information systems.
Customer Support Department

Customer Support Department

Chemito prides itself in being a market leader when it comes to providing service to our clients. Our network of service support centers across India provide prompt and quality support to our clients, to ensure low down time and regular maintenance of our products.

  • Chemito has a network of dedicated service centers and engineers located across the country to support our products.
  • In-time deliveries to meet our commitment to the customer.
  • Our products carry a standard warranty following which we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts for service as per the requirements of the customer.
  • We are able to provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for third-party LED destinations display boards.
  • Our Display Controller is compatible with third-party LED destinations boards.
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